fools, it's friday. FRI. DAY.
i finished my design class last night.. it's done! no more commuting to school for the rest of the summer!
(insert GIF of victory dance.)

say hello to studying at the pool, having an extra 5 hours in the day to do things, summer nights, and lots and LOTS of quality time with my dog and my cameras.

i'm putting together a FAQs page. i generally just throw it all out there with little questions left about me and my life, but if you have anything you've ever wanted to ask me or are dying to know, feel free to ask away. i promise i'll answer... but please, be nice!  i'm also doing a post dedicated to questions people have asked and i haven't answered. so fun....

and if nobody has any questions for me... well, i guess that's fine as well. i'm kiiiinda boring.

love you, and you, and you!

p.s. just downloaded the VSCO cam.... OB.SESSED. (instagram killed the camera star.)


  1. okay okay okay. first of all, you're cute and i've missed you.

    secondly, what is your favorite thing to do in your down time? when you have absolutely nothing else to do, whaddaya do? also, what is your favorite tv show? i wanna know.

    ps. i'm downloading the VSCO cam as soon as i get my ipod. forreal. i think it's much greater than instagram. i can barely see faces in instagram. i don't hate it, i just think the other one is bettah. k this is all.

  2. I miss you a lot too!! My question is when are you planning on having a baby? Creighton needs a friend. And if you are so baby hungry, why wait? :)

  3. What aspect of graphic design do you want to pursue/ do you enjoy the most?

  4. You guys are so cool! I love your whole blog! The design, the pictures, and everything you write is just lovely! I am definitely following!

  5. VSCO is my FAVORITE. Since I don't have an iphone yet, I am constantly stealing my husbands to use those edits. It makes even ordinary photos look amazing!