keeping up

raspberry chicken salad @ Blue Lemon

this week has been filled with many wonderful things. anticipating changes, a trip to the temple, visiting with friends & babies, eating tasty food & celebrating the birthday of this fine country of ours.

plans have turned a 180 on us, but i'm grateful we thought about B's and C's & are able to look forward to the future with faith, keeping our spirits high. i'm so grateful for family & friends for giving me hearty stomach laughs i haven't had in a while & for cuddling puppies in the wee hours of the morning. i'm grateful for silent prayers heard & answered, as well as my sweet husband & my Father in Heaven who guide and direct our little family to where we need to be.


  1. so much to be grateful for :) i hope these changes are good and things turn out great! so mysteriouso...

  2. thanks beth! (is it okay if i call you beth..?) after reading this i feel like people may think its a baby. which it isn't.

    1. you may totally call me beth and i may or may not have thought it was a baby... haha