feature friday// e.o.t.m. run down

to do //

need to do a THIS pronto. anybody recommend good products or recipes?

my fall shopping list looks a lot like hers. 
anyone else want to go here with me for a weekend?
next "time" i will be following her words of wisdom in hopes that i no longer have to lay in agony on the floor.
i want to go to there. she always go to such cool places.

to eat // 

i may or may not be attempting this recipe tonight.

a little of this should be on the table come the first day of fall.

to read // 

she tells it so well; even though she can DEF pull it off, why do we try?

this post about best friends is making me miss mine terribly. 
this post series may be the reason i still have hope in the world.
kids say the darndest things.
does anyone else feel like this when they shop for unmentionables? 
she could pack my lunches, if she wanted to.

to view // 

this lady's instagram is making me happy this week. 

these photos make me want to go out and partake of life.
Julia is my woman crush. 
I would like to personally/publicly congratulate this lady on her new business!! show her some love people!
we did this last night. they just have better pictures. (even if they are earlier..in a different location.) 
her sense of style inspires me to dress like a lady. at least in my head. 


  1. FABULOUS round-up, clicked through each and everyone one. Especially loved the must reads :)

  2. You are great. Did you know that?

  3. bah thank you! you're so awesome! and i'm seriously so excited for your changes around here! and i've been telling josh about you moving to downtown cedar city and how cute your place is and how jealous i am.... he's feeling the pressure!

  4. this is why i love your blog, you are so creative! And i don't even wanna know how long it took you to get through that post!! props! I'm struggling in the motivation department!

  5. Seriously. You rock ma socks off.

    p.s. I'm really excited to see the new look on your bloggy blog!