michael scott.

if there was any a time that i've felt like him, today would be that day. when he left the office i cried and cried and then i got over it.

that's how i feel today. everyone keeps coming into my office and saying goodbye and how much they'll miss me and giving me hugs and advice. like, when did i deserve all of this?
i guess i have been here for almost a year and a half already, but still.

i tell some people that today's my last day, and some people i still say "see you next week!" because i can't bear the thought of leaving. i'm relieved that i'll never have to do endless reports and scanning and dealing with people who are less than kind. trust me, i am. i wish i would have left a day early though, and not told anyone. then i wouldn't have to say goodbye to so many people.

my exit probably won't be grandeur. i'll most likely not turn around and see my coworkers working without me, not knowing that i would never return. i won't stand in the elevator with a half-smile and a tear in my eye. or maybe i will for dramatic effect. then i'll laugh at myself and make sure nobody was looking.

after finals tonight, i'm going to snuggle in a blanket, dream of nick & sleep the night away. when i wake up, it's off to Cedar city and our new adventure. EX-CITE-ED!


  1. goodbyes are so hard, but they definitely make you remember the good times too!

  2. i was way sad when michael left the office too! it is not the same without him. I'm way excited for you to move! it sounds like a blast:) i can't wait to hear about all your adventures there!

  3. AW! That is so sad. :( Goodbyes are so hard. We moved around a lot when I was younger, and it just never gets any easier!

    p.s. i balled when michael left the office too.

  4. That episode makes me tear up everytime! Excited for your new adventure!