of all the stars.

after being away for so long, i can't explain how good it is to be reunited with nick again!
we celebrated with a trip for burgers & fries.
our home is quaint, small & intimate. there are lots of windows & a bathroom cute enough to put in a magazine. (too cute to settle for the any of the walmart shower curtains.)
downsizing is fun, and i'm too exhausted & pleased to be here that boxes remain unopened; harry potter marathons are watched & "it can wait until tomorrow."
i listened to the entire "Queen Greatest Hits" CD on the way here & unashamedly knew every word.
the fact that we are only 6 hours from the beach makes me anxious for salty water & sandy feet.
hikes will be hiked, downtown will be explored & the outside will be lived in.
the gym will be used, the car will not. even when i don't know where anything is down here.
i look forward to stargazing on the roof, having permanently smokey clothes from bonfires with friends & learning to take a puppy out many times a day when we live on the third floor.

here's to apartment living & a new adventure! 


  1. Oh yay! So glad you have a great place! Apartment living is great! We love ours and we are also third floor dwellers :)
    Sounds perfect!
    Amy xo

  2. aw just happened on your blog and you two are adorable - and stargazing is the best :0) my hunny and i do that too on the roof... x

  3. Um...I think I just found my new favorite blog? (I pinky promise I DON'T ever say that...)

    I absolutely adore the clean look and aesthetic you have here. I have full-faith that you will be a graphic designer one day :) AND make a cover for a newspaper/magazine.

    Can't wait to keep reading your adventures :)


  4. your apartment looks great! i am getting a gym membership too to start building my "habits."

    i had a difficult time finding a shower curtain. i finally found one at target that i liked.

  5. Yess, apartment living is the best kind of living!

    Isn't is quite spectacular how marathons of Harry Potter seem to make the chore less daunting? I usually use the lure of a new chick flick to convince myself to fold the laundry.

    It works.


  6. Moving is the best. And the worst! Looks like the apartment is going to be a lot of fun! Good luck!

  7. Just stumbled onto your blog, and I'm an instant fan! Of course, how could I not be when I have met a fellow shameless-know-all-Queen-lyrics friend? I'm excited to read more--keep it coming!