today i'm missing my partner in crime. i still have a week of school & work, so Nick moved into our new apartment over the weekend without me & i moved into my parents'. i keep telling myself it's only a week & it will fly by quickly, but that's still 7 whole days without that man of mine. plus, i can't wait to decorate our new apartment! so many ideas....

today i am baby hungry. cute babies, chubby babies, baby blessings, double babies, baby clothes & babies that coo when you smile at them. i want it. i want it all.

today i'm over excited for cedar city. i can't wait to be on my old stomping grounds again & take advantage of the gym. (seriously though, my legs & arms took a beating moving all those stupid boxes up and down the stairs. i don't know if my biceps will ever return to normal) on a side note...

dear body: i'm sorry. in the next two weeks i promise hope to 1. work you out so you aren't so dang wimpy anymore. 2. take all of my vitamins. 3. spend more time outside hiking & working on that tan.

today i'm ready to be done with school. is it possible to fit a whole summer into a 2 week time span? i don't know, but i'm willing to try!

today i'm seriously considering growing out my hair & being blonde. that's how nick likes it.

today i am dying, DYING, to do something creative with this space. i'm getting antsy & can't take it. long live the fickle mind!


  1. A whole week!? That IS sad! :(

    And I am right there with you on the babies thing. Me want!!

    1. it's in our nature! dang nature! haha that's awesome! i was actually thinkin about you wanting babies & how you had that dream. anyways.

  2. hahaha, oh babies, i'm so puppy hungry, but really.
    and if you are lonely call me, okie.
    also, im working on finals, then i get my two week summer vacation, literally i am so freaking excited. never mind the fact that i will be in the depths of heck because it will be a million and 1 degrees in vegas, oh well, heres to vacation!


  3. ohmegosh i would DIE. but i hope you live purely for my sake because i want to see what you come up with for this little space! and funny cuz i have long blonde hair and i'm envying your short look... it's just so flippin hot!!

  4. I hate being separated from the one I have the most fun with. :/ Lately I've been painting and taking pictures to let off some creative steam. Exercise will pass the time and make you tired enough to fall asleep.

  5. I struggle being away from Jared for days too. He left for a work conference a few months ago, and kept telling me it's only 5 days, and in my head i was like 5 WHOLE DAYS! It upsets my whole routine without having him there!

  6. Ummm...Blondes are the best! Do it ;)

  7. i apologized to my body this morning too.

  8. your blog could not be cuter.

    also need to work on my bod. quite the challenge.

  9. just found your blog from living with fletch, and i seriously couldn't be more obsessed. let the blog stalking commence :)

  10. I've just found your blog today and it is so pretty. You're just the cutest. And I love your rundown on your day--amazing all that we can feel and thing in one days time.


    the Reverie blog

  11. I'm jealous of your blog. That's it :)