fashion blogging

i wear clothes. i'm not a nudist.
i love fashion. i have pinterest boards dedicated to it.
i've even tried blogging about it before. (disaster.)

but there is one thing i will probably never be, and that is a fashion blogger.

don't get me wrong, i love fashion bloggers & fashion blogs. but i will never be one. for many reasons:

1//  i do not feel comfortable in front of a camera. like chandler. my face is generally fine. my arms and shoulders and butt and legs and ankles, on the other hand, have their own minds. i end up looking like a bald, chunky-cheeked contortionist or a large human-adult-sized baby.

2//  i cannot afford to buy trendy clothes, nor do i make a conscious effort to scour the interwebs looking for deals and nice things for cheap, nor do i spend days in large thrift stores. you want someone who does all that, go here. i would venture to say that 85% of my wardrobe is from DI, hand-me-downs, consignment stores, or clearance racks. the other 13% are gifts from others, and the last 2% is when i bought that dress that one time. and unless people start sending me free clothes and shiny things, that is probably how it is always going to be. i would much rather buy a large portion of amazing sauce wings from wingers than spend $20 on a tshirt.

3// apparently i wouldn't know what i'm talking about. growing up i would ask my mom if she liked my outfit. the reply was usually, "yeah, it's good. it's weird, but all your clothes are weird. so it looks good." i don't know what looks good or what doesn't look good. you know? so i'd be all, "this is a lovely outfit." and all the rest of you would be all, "um, see that rock? steph, please, go crawl under it." a train wreck that you just can't look away from.

4// along with point 1, i could not consciously decide to post my tripod somewhere and snap photos of myself posing. i think it's weird. on the same note, i can't have someone, mostly my husband, continue to take pictures of me doing that kind of stuff. mostly because it's uncomfortable, and mostly mostly because people just don't know how to use a camera properly. things like focus, composition, and lighting completely escape most of those who use my camera to take a picture. (even though i love them a zillion times over.) and i think everyone can agree that most husbands who are asked to take a picture usually aim the camera towards le boobs or le bum. and who wants to post that?

i just don't have the patience, the slim body, the wardrobe, the photographing abilities, or the mentality to become a fashion blogger. i think will leave that to the professionals.


  1. we have the same priorities. wings > clothes.
    and josh does the same thing. "why is it focused on my boobs?" "what?.... is that a problem?"
    "and why does this picture show most of the table and half of my head?" "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE PICTURES! JUST DON'T GIVE ME THE CAMERA!"

  2. Can't tell you how many photos I've found of my butt and or boobs on my memory card... sigh husbands. Haha I feel the same about fashion blogging. I only did one fashion post and that will be it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm in the same boat as you!! I most likely will never be a fashion blogger. So no worries, there are bloggers out there feeling the same way as you :)

  4. Where ARE the men who can withstand a butt/boob photo and focus on what we want? Probably lost to us forever in a completely different orientation... But alas we are not alone. We like clothes and fashion blogs. We feel squirmish about setting up tripods and taking billions of pictures. We think of all the other things we could buy. We are still awesome ^_^

  5. Amen to this whole post! You do have excellent style and I need you to come make outfits for me!

  6. I feel like I should post this whole thing on my blog cause I agree with every statement (especially the wingers part)

  7. May I know your pinterest ID, I will follow your fashion trends.

    Fashion Fantasy

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