say hello to my favorites

(photos used with permission from Josh Rose Photography.)

meet Josh Rose. he's a photographer. his travel photos are some of the best I've ever seen. & he's a film guy. i've had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Josh many times. he's SO GREAT (and by great i mean hilarious with a hint of sarcasm, just the way i like my humor & my photographers.)

i asked for the prints above for Christmas. Nick will only get me 3 of them, so I have to narrow it down to my absolute favorites. which ones do i pick?

oh, & can i tell you a secret? right now he's offering 50% off all of his prints. umm, can you say totally awesome? i know what i'm asking for from all of my family members! go! go buy them, buy them all, right now.


  1. oh man i dearly want the seattle prints. they are gorgeous!! he is an amazing photographer!

  2. These are beautiful!:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are truly beautiful photos!! I love when a photographer can capture something that may seem ordinary and make it look beautiful, dreamy and frozen in time!

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  4. Thanks for the shout out Steph! I was at a party tonight and this girl was all, "I was looking at this girl's blog I went to high school with and I saw a bunch of your pictures on it." Super random haha. I'm really glad you enjoy my stuff so much! Hope you guys are having a wonderful Christmas season thus far. Tell Nick hello for me. :)