so, you want to letterpress too?

in our typography class we just got finished with a letterpress assignment. I'm lucky enough to be at a university with a letterpress to physically learn on & experiment with. it's so addictive! and since I can't invite you all into the letterpress to share in my obsession, I want to introduce you to something almost as great.

last week I had the opportunity to listen to Molly Pogansky from The Living Letterpress tell us about the development for an app for the iPad called "LetterMPress." It basically works just like a letterpress without all the hassle & commitment to heavy machinery & deathly inks & lead, but you still get to make the coolest works of art.

check out the LetterMPress flickr collection and tell me you aren't excited. if I had an iPad, I would buy it in 2 seconds flat, no questions asked. plus, if you go right now i'm pretty sure it's on sale for $2. & how can you say no to that?

(this is not a sponsored post. i just want you to go and play with it!)


  1. i'm way jealous you guys have a letterpress machine. oh man. the ultimate dream is to own a letterpress machine. and in the meantime, i'll go blow 5 hundo on an ipad so i can play with that app!!

    1. do you have a mac? they have an app for the mac too! i don't have either of those... haha

    2. oo i will in a week! and i'm getting that app!! awesome!

  2. that's so cool you have a class like that, i love things like that. and that app sounds AMAZING. too bad i don't have one of those handy ipads either :(