life musings of the befuddled crazy lady.

let me start by introducing myself to you:

HI, i'm stephanie.

if i could make an award for myself for the first week of classes it would be: "Most Awkward Person Ever Award of Most Excellence" or "Today's makeup is brought to you by the letter 'I' as in 'I was half asleep when I did this" or "Most Picked on by Previous Professors in New Classes Just Because they Know Your Name."

i spent a lot of hours in my office. people keep asking me why i'm always in there, and it's because the internet at our apartment only works 25% of the time and the drafty library holds no place in my heart.


i don't know what i'm doing 74% of the time, and the other 26% of my time is spent sleeping or trying to convince myself that i do know what i'm doing and then trying to do it.

vanilla soy milk is the best thing on this planet. period.

koda started chewing things in the house again, probably because we spend more than a few hours away from the apartment at a time. what a little snot!

a diamond fell out of my ring on Monday, so i've been going without it all week. worst idea ever. not to brag or sound boastful, but i had way to many males paying attention to me to feel comfortable.

Thursday is not too early in the semester to wear sweatpants to class.

we borrowed Super Mario Bros for the WII... and I'm so frustrated that Bowser is so hard to beat!! I mean come on!

HI, I'm also the new president of the Graphic Design Club. I'm excited and scared and excited and nervous and happy and everything. did I mention I'm excited?

anyways. nice to meet you?


We are in the process of purchasing plane tickets to San Antonio, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

any suggestions and/or tips for travelling to such strange lands?

(p.s. now that the weekend's over, send your pics of celebration to schammer (at) live (dott) com for the feature next week!)


  1. i want to claim you as my best friend. but then again, we've never met. but that is just my level of creepy/love for you. HIIIIII

  2. Hi, nice to meet you. I was the runner up in the "Most Awkward Person Ever Award of Most Excellence". I feel ok with the loss, it's just nice to know I am not alone out there. Awkward People Unite!

  3. yes! you are so cute and i love love your hair!
    i also love your writing! you are so witty and engaging! i love it. I am totes a new follower of your blog!!!

  4. The San Antonio airport is really small and Rudy's is delicious there. BBQ...yum. As for DC I have one word: traffic. Oh my lanta it's a nightmare. That's all I know about any of that. You're welcome.

  5. your hair is getting so long! ahh man if only i could rock and pull of the short hair like you do amazingly!