Newport Beach [part 1]

nicholas and I took a weekend and drove down to Newport Beach. I've been naughty (in the words of my mother) and haven't posted anything about it. So here we are, part 1 of the Newport Beach mini-cation. On this day, we spent the majority of the day on Balboa Island...


  1. These photos are amazing!! So summery and beautiful.

  2. Yay, I love Newport..but I haven't been there in a while! (Huntington is closer to me!) I love these photos. I love how blue and how California-y they are hehe.

  3. looks lie so much fun.
    love all of your pictures.
    especially the banana.
    this really makes me want to go on a vacation.
    believe it or not ryan and i have never had a real vacation before.
    so im so so so jealous.


  4. So awesome! I have a question. Where did you stay when you went to Newport? My husband and I went there on our honeymoon, and want to go back, but hotels are expensive! Where did you stay, and would you recommend it? :D

  5. You, my best friend, are an amazing photographer. I am so jealous. :/ Wish Josh and I could have joined, but I'm glad you guys had a great time even though we weren't there... ;)