alexa Z design: how to have pure happiness on your wall

I would really like to cheer up your Monday by introducing you to someone. I don't know how many of you know Lex. She has a wonderful blog about her life with pictures that make me grin from ear to ear, and I just love hearing her hilarious, sometimes extremely embarrassing but always real stories. I've had the opportunity to meet & second shoot a wedding with her, and I can tell you that she just has goodness radiating from every inch of her frame. Her life is beautiful & she is one of the most genuinely happy people I've ever met.

Speaking of happy people... she owns an Etsy shop where she sells happy prints for said happy people. If you take one look at her gallery you know that she is for reals a graphic design genius & a maker of happy homes.

I have two of her prints hanging up in my own - the NY Skyline & the Eat Well Travel Often print. Nothing says home more to me than making traveling plans with the man I love over a big bowl of chicken broccoli fetuccini alfredo.

Other prints I enjoy: this Floral Ampersand, I {pretzel} NY, and Expect Great Things with her lovely chalkboard lettering. I mean seriously?! I'm not even a cutesy girly type of graphics lover, and I can't get enough of these. I really do love her stuff. The best part is that her prints are instant downloads so you can pretty much do whatever you want with them within legal and honest reasons. I recommend a fine printing service for such fine works of art, by the way.

Also.. if you like Alexa Z Design on Facebook like I did, you can keep up to date with new prints in the shop, learn about & enter giveaways, and have the opportunity to have pure happiness oozing from your computer screen as well as on your wall.


  1. your place is cute.
    these are cute.
    you are cute.
    could i say the word cute anymore? yes. i could.


  2. awe such a cute idea! love the idea of being able to change out the prints!

    1. okay, you are smart because I didn't even think about that!

  3. ooh, I love these two prints! Off to peruse her etsy shop now :) thanks for sharing! lovely blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it this morning.