port aransas, tx [part 3]

cue 6am.

we decided to go "shelling" on st. jo's island, and the first ferry out leaves at 7am. so that's what we did! up before the sun & we got to watch it rise over the gulf on our own private island. SO AWESOME.

i got rich in mermaid money & nick found all sorts of trinkets & cool shelly things. a nice old lady who shells 3-4 times a week left us a giant shell & a giant sand dollar in a circle on the beach. she was a nice lady.

after, i was tired & cold so i took a nap in my bed made of towels & nick fished on the jetty. i joined him & was ultimately grossed out by the "sheep fish." i love fishing when my dad or any other man does it for me, then i can be all like "oh you're my hero" when i scream & they take the fish off the hook so it doesn't die.

still reading along? well, you'll have to wait another day for the ending of this tale.

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  1. ahh! i am loving all these photos and posts! so cute!