port aransas, tx [part 4]

have you guys ever seen the movie "the big year" with steve martin & jack black?

it just so happens that we watched that movie right before our trip, and it just so happens that port aransas is one of the best places in the US to go birding! what? so nick & i were interested in seeing how many birds we could find & identify. i think i got 6. (3 types of seagulls, a crow, and 2 types of ducks) and nick got around 26, or something like that. he's basically pro.

this was also the day we went shopping & did more touristy things around the island, like walked through a giant shark sculpture (we debated getting a picture, and we just felt too silly to do what everyone else was doing, so we didn't. still trying to decide if it was worth the not humiliation.)

to be continued. i know you're thinking "what else can these crazy guys do?" because that's what i'm thinking.

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