port aransas, tx [part 5] & san antonio, tx [part 2]

our last night in town, nick's cousin michelle & her daughter came down to chill with us and took us to a pizza place that blew our minds, like we cannot believe how good it was. also, i had nachos at a mexican restaurant on the island that i will dream about for the rest of my life. we also ate 10 pints of bluebell ice cream. why is it that all the good food is on vacation?

we watched a lot of spongebob too, while eating the ice cream. just thought i would document that.

we said goodbye to our home & went back into san antonio because nick's aunt has season tickets to the Spurs games & invited us to come. we had a blast! it was neck & neck the ENTIRE TIME, like edge of our seats good. we made some memories that night, i can tell you that.

our 5 am flight came early, and soon we were back in vegas and on our way home. we had such a great time in texas & are so grateful for everyone who helped us get and be there.

our 2nd year anniversary will be a hard one to top!


  1. We're OBSESSED with Blue Bell. Seriously.

  2. I just came across your blog and love it! You two are so cute


  3. no shame in 10 pints of ice cream! happy anniversary! i love your simple blog layout by the way!

  4. I love all your photographs from traveling! That blue porch is so so cute!