san antonio, tx [part 1]

nicholas & i went to texas for our spring break/2nd year anniversary.

okay so i was super excited about flying, i even took a picture with a giant bunny sculpture & we watched an episode of 30 rock waiting in the terminal. i was the weirdo who was excited for her RED EYE. but i got a window seat flying out of mccarran, BAM. so cool. (the strip at night from the air is neato!)

i just have to say that my aunt & uncle were to great to help us out when we got to las vegas (i can't thank you enough, if you're reading this!) and get to the airport.

also, here's a tip: try your absolute hardest to have the correct ID when you want to try to get through airport security. i almost threw up all over the floor because my ID had my maiden name on it and my ticket had my married name. I ALMOST DIDN'T GET THROUGH. so, just remember that.

enough about planes. we landed in san antonio without a hitch, and were so happy to see nick's aunt & cousins! we tried to sleep a bit, then we had lunch: real authentic texas BBQ (mmhmm) and before we knew it, it was time for luminaria, an arts festival held in san antonio. nick's cousin michelle took us & we explored downtown. we got there and i realized my camera wasn't charged a lick. so, iPhone pictures it is!

we played around the exhibits, saw (saw) the alamo, went to the top of the tower of the americas, and i had my first whataburger.

to be continued...

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