hammers in NYC | art, burgers, views

(again there are lots of pictures, again i'm not sorry) 

we started this day off with Dougnut Plant. although they were already out of most of the ones I wanted to try (pistachio, coconut lime) i had a jam filled vanilla bean doughnut that was simply divine. props to the guy sitting next to us and smiling so nicely. 

then we walked up and down 5th and 6th avenues & went through the famous Macy's. it was HUGE. we literally got lost inside of it. we made a stop at the flatiron building (also, pentagram!) and then made our way to Chelsea for art & the HIGHLINE. I could do a whole post on just the highline, it was so neat. chelsea was so hip. anyways. 

then we had lunch at Madison Square Park at the Shake Shack. (!!!) so good! we waited in a horrendously long line and waived to my family as they watched us on the shake cam online. if there is something we love more than good hamburgers, their concrete and cheese fries would be IT. after stuffing our faces, we saw Orly Genger's installations at the park & then made our way over to 30 Rockefeller Plaza & the MoMA. 

the MoMA was incredible. i actually cried because i was like "nick! the art! oh the art!" and just that everything i've read in textbooks and seen in presentations actually exists!  after the MoMA we went back to 30 Rock (the nostalgia!), played in the Lego store, and then went up to the top. NBC! NBC! 

it was really cool to be up there. we spent a good hour and a half watching the sunset atop the GE building & then made our way to halaal truck around the block. get extra white sauce; don't try the red sauce, i literally thought my mouth was going to fall off because it was so spicy! 

things we learned this day:

+ go early to the Doughnut Plant (like early as in when they open) or you will be left wanting
+ chelsea is a really far walk. luckily we took a bus back to where we had lunch...
+ the garment district is sketch!
+ the MoMA was packed. but Friday nights you get in free, so, it was great!
+ that red sauce, i'm telling you. 
+ shake shack = BOMB. totally worth it.
+ bring snacks!


  1. Love Love Love this!
    I'm dying to go back to NYC.
    I'm adding the highline and shake shack to my list of must dos!

  2. There is seriously NOTHING like NYC. It's a dream, I swear. It took me 3 days just to let it sink in I was actually there! Glad you're having a glorious time! Your pictures are amazing, Steph and you look so super beauituful! Love ya. :)

  3. such a fun trip! you are the cutest thing.
    my sister and I have always wanted to go to NYC at christmastime...maybe just for the donuts? those look gorgeous.

  4. first, your hair is perfect. Second, 30 rock! third, im soooo jealous! It looks like this trip was everything you wanted. Perfect.