hammers in NYC | central park and such

this saturday started off as a search for "wafels & dinges" which took us through the time square market, around to columbus circle, and through the park to the location. but it was worth it! then we spent the day with the other bazillion new yorkers who decided to enjoy the sunshine. and by sunshine i mean what in the world heat is this? 

we sat down at the "love bridge" and i thought, "we have to be almost through the park" and walked until we found a map... we learned that we were barely through half of it. so we walked over to the museum of ancient history and debated getting a taxi to take us to our next destination. 

but we didn't. we walked through the park, past the met, and over to the guggenheim. i don't know what it was about this particular day, but my feet were killing me and i was so tired all i wanted to do was sit down. somehow we made it to grand central station. it was AWESOME.

then headed to FAO Schwartz, decided not to wait in line for the giant piano, and went to the glass box apple store where you had to descend into the ground to get to the store. nick was in nerd heaven, i tell you what.

we had dinner at Carnegie Deli, and ate the most delicious cheesecake I've ever had in my entire life. it was about 4 inches high and i died.

then we went to the Lincoln center and saw the LDS Manhattan temple on literally one of the busiest streets in NY, and meandered through Greenwich Village to end the night off. I remember that NYU kept trying to recruit me, and I almost applied. So i was nostalgic about what could have been my neighborhood, and instead relished in the fact that I met nick at the college i did choose.

and omigosh you guys, i was so dead after all of that!


  1. love these pictures and need that save ferris shirt.

  2. Wasn't Wafels & Dinges the most delicious waffle you ever did eat? I STILL dream about those waffles. :P

    Central Park is HUGE. Like...you think you've walked it all and then BOOM you've only covered a corner. haha