hammers in NYC | i left my heart in brooklyn

 i took so many pictures this day, and there are still a billion in this post. whatever, i'm not even sorry. i am so in love! with Brooklyn. We ventured out early on this day and spent it in DUMBO. (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) it was gorgeous. we wandered through the streets, meandered through the park, and went to lunch at Grimaldi's.

story time:

so we we're looking at the menu in Grimaldi's, and this guy comes up to us with a clipboard. he tells us that he's in an advertising group and was wondering if his crew could film/photograph us while we ate and he would pick up our tab. we were like whaat? sure! so we signed a waiver saying they could use our faces, and filmed us during our entire meal. it was kind of awkward, but super fun! we got to be pizza models for a day! AND got free lunch!

it was awesome. but one of the requirements was that we don't photograph the event ourselves. so the only picture we have is of the outside. but still! 

then we got icecream at the brooklyn ice cream factory (yum!) walked through the park, walked the promenade, and made our way to the heights. these houses were my favorite! so pretty & the neighborhoods were so beautiful i couldn't stand it.

then we made our way over to the bridge and walked it into downtown NYC. it was just an amazing day all around. love love love.


  1. ah so cool! those apartments are the cutest ever. so, how long does it take to get from Brooklyn to nyc?

    1. It depends! If you walk, the bridge took us about 30mins (but we took pictures and stopped a lot) and the subway from the LES (where we were staying) it only took us a few minutes because brooklyn was 1 stop away.

  2. I am in love with all your pictures. I need to go!

    1. thank you! these pictures don't give NYC/brooklyn justice, like, at all. You have to go!!

  3. I haven't been to Brooklyn in a long time, but you've brought back memories. It's my favourite part of NYC and your photos did it justice. x Tamara

  4. Oh, Brooklyn...how can you possibly NOT leave your heart there?? So much awesome everywhere.

    p.s. great photos!

    p.s.s. that's awesome about Grimaldi's!