some photos from our fourth

it's always a pleasant surprise when i look through my camera at the end of the day and find some of me. (thanks to my snap happy sister ally!) so, really, i'm taking advantage of it. she also enjoys getting reeeeeally close to your face. i like it.

the fourth of july is my favorite, favorite holiday. sometimes i love it more than Christmas because it isn't -4 degrees outside. this year, although there were no homemade fudge-dipped cherries, rootbeer or ice cream, i still feel like it was a major success because i was with everyone that i love and got to eat an enormous amount of food (and pie. did i mention pie?) in bright red pants that i bought at walmart for $3.

isn't that the point of, like, every holiday?


  1. beautiful.
    ps when are you visiting me in the bay?


  2. You guys are so cute! Looks like a fun fourth. :)

  3. good thing you're adorable. but fun!

  4. what a great looking fourth!! a fruit salad is always a necessity and some sort of baseball activity too. wonderful photos!