hammers in Philly | love park and mural walk

philadelphia! land of the free, home of the brave. or something like that. 

we took a bus from NY to Philadelphia on Sunday, and the next day, to be honest with you, we slept in. around noon we got up and headed to downtown. 

LOVE Park was very interesting. the statue is so much smaller than I imagined, but still. I got to check it off of my bucket list! woo woo! 

Across from that was the City Hall building. walls 20ft thick, and was once the tallest building in the world! there were dirty subway entrances in the historical plaza, but that's Philly for you I guess. later we checked out the AIA store (so cool!) and had our first stop at Reading Terminal market. WOW. that's all I can say about that! the market was my favorite place in Philly by far. but that's another story. 

after dinner we did most of the Philadelphia Mural Mile. amazing. so long; so much art. we retired early to our apartment and i had just recently discovered Speculoos spread from the Trader Joe's around the corner, so that's what I did for the entirety of the evening. plus, if you stay out past sunset in Philadelphia, you're probably going to get stabbed. at least that's how I felt. and the only things open late are bars and clubs, which is not our scene. 

what we learned this day: 

+ Philadelphia isn't as big as NY (nowhere near it) but it is about a 142% dirtier. both the people and the streets. 

+ People generally don't like you. Smiling is a waste of time. 

+ Rittenhouse square was my favorite area (and it happened to be the area that we were staying in) because of the rows and rows of glamorous shopping! 

+ Reading Terminal Market is bonkers. 

+ Philadelphia = Art. and hipsters. lots of hipsters. 


  1. so fun, i went to philly once.
    but i don't remember it that much.
    love these pictures lady.
    your next trip definitely should be to the bay.


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