hammers in Philly | a rainy, old city

 historically speaking, this place is pretty cool. we enjoyed seeing the liberty bell, and afterwards it started pouring. i mean sheets of rain were coming down at an alarming rate. luckily i had my trusty rainboots, and we headed off to find ourselves a philly cheesesteak. we ended up at Campo's, which was tops. yumm.

then we had a tour of Independence Hall. beautiful. it was so weirdly cool to think that we were in the same room as all of those cool people who made America what it is.

then we wandered around the old, rainy, empty town. it was beautiful, and cold. Elfreth's Alley was the first neighborhood in America (complete with British flags, I guess some people couldn't completely dedicate themselves to a new country?) and probably the smallest, too.

we stopped at the market again, ate delicious sweets from Flying Monkey, and window shopped until we finally stopped at the Shake Shack on our way back to the apartment. i tend to cling to food that i love when we're away from home, but that's fine. i love hamburgers and ice cream. and shake shack. and philadelphia.

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