hammers in Philly | reading, UPenn, and Rocky

this day we did SO MUCH WALKING! i had no idea Philadelphia was so HUGE. we started the day at Reading Terminal Market (again!) and had the famous italian pork sandwich from DiNic's. molto bene!

then we walked, and walked, and walked, and ended up at UPenn Design School for a tour of the Architecture building. talked with admissions, met students and professors, and checked out the campus. beautiful campus. i don't know if i could live there, but we'll see. 

and then we walked some more, past the philadelphia zoo and through a park and BAM we were at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this museum. we even got cute little orange pins to wear on our collars for the day. 

then we made our way back to the apartment once again, got food at some podunk hole in the wall pizza joint, and rested our tired feet. it's at this point in the trip that we were like, "can we do this? can we handle one more day here, and can we handle another few days in another city?" and contemplated our existence. deep stuff. but we loved it, and ventured on. and i'm so happy we did. 

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  1. i went to philly once, and those stairs from rocky, thats all i can ever think of.
    looks like a good trip to me, and i'm glad you guys ventured on.