travel break

i'm taking a break from our normally scheduled travel photolog for a little heart to heart.

we moved exactly 12 days ago into a nice little duplex in Cedar. no more little studio apartment to hold our hearts. i'm so excited about what we can do with the place! i mean, 3 bedrooms? what on earth do I fill 3 bedrooms with?

on the other hand, it's weird. why is moving so weird? our house still doesn't feel like home. even almost 2 weeks later i still feel strange coming through the front door and looking at our stuff in a building.

but this past weekend my family came to visit. i was fretting and nervous that there wouldn't be enough space, that our plans would fall through, etc. etc. but then they got here and we had a great time! we saw Peter and the Starcatcher at the Shakespeare Festival, cliff dived at Sand Hollow, had fun with iphoneography, played in the park, ate tasty food, and had lots of sugar. they even bought us a kitchen table set as a housewarming gift. I honestly have the best parents and family in the world. 

with all of them at our house, it finally felt like a home. 

then they left yesterday and it just felt empty. so empty. i didn't know what to do with myself. 2 people and a dog just isn't enough to fill a house like that. i'm sure that when we finally get decorations up on the walls, decorate our bathrooms, set up the office, buy a washer and a dryer, then maybe it will feel like "home" again. or i can just have parties at my house all the time. yeah, i like that idea. 

what do you guys do to make a new house feel like a home? 

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  1. goodness, since we are basically in a sublet for the summer, i've been in limbo. i have the urge to decorate but can't.
    i think the best way to make a house feel like home is always hanging things on the walls.
    thats what makes it work for me.