hammers in DC | art, art, and some food!

we took a bus from Philly into Union Station in DC, then meandered through Logan Circle (where we were staying), shopped at Whole Foods and got salads to go from sweetgreen. i think i did my salad wrong, or parmesan chips and i just don't get a long, or i don't eat enough fresh vegetables (probably all of the above?) but i've had better salads before. still, it was tasty. I know you were all wondering about the mosaic that is the history my taste in food, so. 

the next day we woke up and headed for the Smithsonians! holy hotness, i think i lost half my body weight in sweat during this day. we went to the archives, the East and West wings of the National Gallery of Art, through the sculpture garden, over to the capitol, and back to the air and space museum.

on our way home, we found a little taco joint called DC Tacos, and they had the most amazing tilapia tacos with pico slaw & spicy mayonnaise as well as home made sodas. YU-HUM! if you go to DC, you MUST eat here.

also, fireflies everywhere! *** 


  1. love these photos girl!
    and ryan served his mission in dc and said that had some good tacos. haha.


  2. Sounds fun!! I love the airplane photo. :)