it's not very often in Utah that we get to experience "fall" for longer than a couple of weeks, so I'm really soaking this in every second I can! SUU has one of the most gorgeous campuses, and you can sure tell by seeing above.

I just want to kiss the weather we've been having. Chilly enough to merit boots, stockings & scarves, but warm enough to bask in the sunlight on the way to class. I mean really.

THE SEASON IS UPON US! We must consume all the pumpkin that we find!

Right now we're on fall break (WOOOOhoo!!) so I'm out of my mind with things I don't have to do right now. I think I'll go shopping or split a waffle with my baby sister. both, actually, seeing as all 3 things Cedar City does not have. and I do need new boots, jeans, hats, jackets, sweaters...

p.s. if anyone has any advice on how to buy a car.. or if you're looking to buy a crappy green saturn for some reason... please let me know. I'm currently taking all offers.


  1. Buying a car... Buy used at a place like carmax that has fixed prices. They are always really reasonable and don't screw you over. Also they tend to have cars that were once used as rentals and those are always good cars to look at. When it comes to cars it makes more sense to get something that's maybe only a few years old and in good shape because anything less than that will start costing you more in the long run and will just eat your money away with repairs. Hope this helps. Also I was seriously planning on doing a post like this next week. Haha.

  2. I'll buy your car if you buy mine. :)

  3. i love fall, due to our indian summer fall hasn't appeared quite yet, but i see it coming quickly, so yay! i love the changes of the colors on the trees and the ground.

    as for buying a car, i dont know, but we sold our car haha. ksl definitely.

  4. first. cutest picture evaaa.
    and second. your blog is so very darling.