guys, i really just don't like the smell of peanut butter

i took some time off today for the first time in weeks.

i took a shower, dried my hair. you know. ate a cup of fruit that i bought at the store yesterday. life altering things.

i started a tumblr awhile ago. you can check it out here. 


finishing up projects with some pretty cool people, i'm not going to lie.
trying to figure out how to sell our car and buy a new one.
realizing that i'm terrible at decorating for holidays.
really wanting a pumpkin shake.
not wanting to go back to school today.
in love with the people in my life.

i really miss blogging.


  1. you're adorable. come back, even if it is just to post pictures of you and your bangin' bangs. cause i love 'em.

  2. I love this. I have been so busy lately, so blogging has definitely taken the back burner. I miss it so much!

    1. I fee ya, homegirl. so so busy.

  3. your hair is soooo cute!