things about husband and I

we had a very, VERY, food and family filled, merry Christmas & hope you did too!

it's really kind of cool how much you learn about each other when you have nothing to do but hang out together. here are some things about us:

he // LOVES legos
she // loves playing with cameras
he // eats a lot of pretzels, with peanut butter
she // can't stand pretzels and peanut butter
he // has an omaha, nebraska dialect
she // has a sacramento, california dialect
(take the quiz yourself!)
he // is a morning person
she // sleeps in whenever she can
he // falls asleep quickly
she // has insomnia and usually falls asleep to Netflix
he // loves playing video games with his brother-in-laws
she // loves shopping with her mom and sisters
he // is really good at gift-giving
she // is semi-good at gift-giving
he // enjoys the saltier things in life
she // can eat sugar in large amounts at any time of day
he // hasn't finished one book since they got married
she // read Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants" in one afternoon
he // loves to plan surprises
she // has to plan everything out meticulously
he // is an extrovert
she // is an introvert
he // is very sweet
she // gets hangry a lot
he // gave her software for Christmas
she // gave him software for Christmas
he // is confident in the future
she // gets worried and overwhelmed easily
he // is okay at school and is excited to go back
she // is great at school and dreads going back
he // tosses things into suitcases on trips
she // plans and folds and fits things into one teeny bag
he // doesn't like when she wears lipstick because he can't kiss her
she // loves wearing lipstick
he // gets cold easily
she // gets sweaty with socks on
he // doesn't get instagram or twitter
she // has a love/hate relationship with all social media
he // eats the rest of her food for her
she // never finishes her food
he // is always so willing to be a grown up
she // is still wary of calling people on the phone
he // is getting ready to apply for grad schools
she // is never going to grad school!
he // would eat at McDonald's every day
she // would eat at any mexican-american restaurant every day
he // does most of the cooking
she // gags when she does the dishes
he // loves her a lot!
she // loves him the most!