week recap + a secret photo

in order:

1 // say hello to finals week attire. i pretty much wore this hat all week long... (Forever 21, $6)
2 // sleeping husband and puppy. what do we do on sunday? we stay in bed as long as possible.
3 // celebratory "end of finals week" lunch at Great Harvest.

secret not-so-great photo

4 // hobbit feast the night of the new hobbit movie opening with my designer friends. there was cheese, meat, bread, fruit, and all types of delicious things, complete with real hobbits in attendance i ate soo much food that i couldn't move! a little bit nerdy? yes. worth it? mmm YES. i even got a recipe for the tastiest cranberry salad i've ever had (recipe coming soon? i'll think about it.)

++ the semester is over, and we can rejoice! so far we've just done laundry & ate costa vida, but I'm calling it as a successful weekend.
++ sometimes on this blog, i feel the need to keep everything beautiful, but everything beautiful about my life isn't picture-perfect, so i'm going to share things anyways.
++ i feel like this Christmas season just snuck up on me. all of the sudden it's like 8 days before Christmas and i feel like cindy lou who. (is she really on drugs?)


  1. Cute pup! Is that first picture in your apartment? I'm going to try my hardest to find a pet friendly apartment when our contract runs up!! Cute beanie.
    - - - - -

    1. ha, i wish it was in our apartment! no, that pic was taken at the school. trying to find an apartment that is pet friendly is seriously the hardest, but SO worth it. best of luck to you!

  2. Ha, it's true! I feel like Cindy Lou Who too! I can't believe that it's so soon! Wasn't it just Halloween? This entire year has gone by so quickly! I might as well wish you Happy New Year at this point ;)
    Great photos girl!!
    xo TJ


    1. seriously though, might as well say happy valentine's while were at it because, let's be honest, that will be here tomorrow too. thanks girl!