roll 2 and 2014 goals

the second roll of 2013 holga shots:

1 washington, d.c.
2 national archives
3 roy lichtenstein sculpture, national sculpture garden
4 united states capitol
5 lincoln memorial
6 logan circle, d.c.
7 vineyard, highland UT
8/9 cedar breaks national monument
10 thor's hammer, bryce canyon national park

looking at these pictures makes me want to share my goals for 2014. i wasn't going to, originally, but i feel like sharing now.

+ have more fun, stop caring what people think & stop worrying about making mistakes
+ shoot more film (if anyone else has a goal to do this, let's do a collaboration project! let's all shoot a roll of film and then send it to another person, and then re-shoot it to create a fantastic unknown double exposure roll. wouldn't that be fun?)
+ be healthier & treat myself better
+ travel some more (san diego, san francisco, portland, seattle, chicago? and maybe new york again.)
+ try some new things, even if i don't know how the experience will turn out.
+ reduce stress (so far all I've done is turn off emails on my iPhone, but what a difference it's already making!)

i just know that this year is going to change our lives. and i can't wait!


  1. I nominated you for the Leibster Award. Find out more here:

    To stop caring about what others think is top on my list this year too!

  2. These are some pretty amazing goals - might steal one or two for myself ;) I also think that double exposure film thing would be fantastic - I'm situated in Germany though, I don't know if that would be a problem with sending it...

    Have a good weekend!