collaboration project - window display

last semester, i worked on my edge project with the graphic design club. the "EDGE" project is a required project for all students at SUU that allows us to do projects that will give us more experience than we get in a normal classroom, and i was lucky to get to pick and do an awesome project. some of the members of the club (Jessica Burdge, Chelsea Howells, Jordan Youngberg, and Courtney Alexis) worked with Amanda at ReCycled Consign & Design here in Cedar City to collaborate, design and install her Christmas window display.

So for 2.5 months, we got together every week for an hour and designed the window. What it would look like, what we'd make, how we wanted it to go, what our options were as far as decorations, etc.

the day after Halloween, we set up. it was such a fun project & a fun way to get together with cool people like Amanda and do a super cool thing!


  1. That looks so good! I'm so impressed!

  2. so awesome! i especially love the long list of names. super cool.