some scattered words & a call for good chapstick

every time i go to type something, i subconsciously type "pizza" or "pink"

all of my clothing is in a pile on the floor of my closet. it's all clean, mind you, and it's even in the closet... but in a pile nonetheless. 

i've been playing a lot of solitaire lately. my fastest time is 93 seconds. 

i found out on Valentine's day that i won a free photo shoot with Lindsey Shaun, and i am so stoked! 

nick & i are celebrating our 3 year anniversary next month. like woah. 

also it's time i started taking my camera out again!  

looking forward to california for spring break! 

my hair is getting looong, and i'm getting excited, but i don't know what to do with it. maybe i'll buy a curling iron? 

the other day, nick showed me and i was laughing so hard i was bawling. like sobbing with black mascara running down my face. 

my lips have been so dry lately that when i smile, 3 cracks on my upper lip get bigger. does anyone have chapstick/lip balm that they swear by? my lips are begging you! 

things that are higher on my priority list than blogging: food. sleep. "chuck". fruit salad. steak. any combination of nick & food. 

i have a $100 gift certificate to a nail salon here in town. i just haven't used it yet. say hello to fresh polish for spring break! 

also, if anyone wants to bring me a fully loaded strawberry waffle & a machine gun from Bruge's in salt lake, that would be swell! 

p.s. i think that if we all wish really hard, spring will come to stay here in Utah. (please please please!)


  1. Burt's Bees for chapped lips. Every time. The original flavor. I've tried all the other crap, and it pales in comparison.

  2. My favorite heavy duty work horse lip balm is Aquaphor healing ointment. It looks kind of like vaseline, but it's soooo much better. I wake up in the morning with it still on my lips. It's one of those multi use products that you can use on your skin too (elbows, face, etc.) but I just like it for my lips.

    I've been loving the weather here too! Although I am afraid of jinxing it if I say spring is here! I'm sure the weather will play a nasty trick on us and snow all of March and April.

  3. a) your picture is adorable--happy almost 3 years! b) 100% jealous of your cali spring break--i have been itching for beach so bad lately! and c) i use coconut oil & carmex when i get chapped lips (which happens a lot!) if i slab a bunch of it on before bed, in the morning my lips are baby soft!