my hair: a history. names, stories & styles

there is a lot that can be said about my hairstyles in the past. i don't know why i enjoy changing my hair so often.. but i love it so much. i'm at a crossroads here, with my hair growing out right now and i've literally done every hairstyle i've ever wanted to do.


and now i have to decide what exactly i love the most, or perhaps that i want to try something totally new. so let's start here, in high school. because let's be honest, i didn't really know what my hair was doing pre-10th grade. (did anyone? please say no)

the "high school teenager". 
long, natural with layers. 
(and look! my natural hair color! kind of ashy, blondy, browny, natural. a.k.a. there's a reason i color it. but nice cut!)

the "soccer player." half bleached from the sun, half bleached from a box. all over a good time because i was the hot tan chick with the convertible & the studly boyfriend. (high school was the best for like .2 seconds)

the "my boyfriend didn't own me, so i chopped my hair, and then he broke up with me, so i made a dinosaur shirt." natural curl, fake blonde. (at least that guy ^ kinda liked it? also pictured, THAT SHIRT. can we please talk about that shirt.) 

the "sexy brunette" thing with hand-cut (a.k.a. did it myself) layers all the way up my head. YUM. 

the "first half of senior year sexy va-va-volume brunette a-line" 

the "i tried bleaching my hair by myself and it turned orange, so i tried it again and it was still orange so i got it color corrected brown with blonde highlights." mid-part of senior year.

the "sun-bleached second-half of senior year/summer/college get up a-line SO MUCH SEXY so much sass"

the "dating nick, i'm too poor to touch up my roots brownish-blondish" (sorry about my eyes staring into your soul.) 

the "engagement pictures" super brunette mid-length haircut, SO SEXY.

the "zooey deschanel kind of?" (+++ a tiny baby koda bear!!) 

the "19th birthday makeover" curly dark hair with a hint of blonde streak, so christina perri-esque. 

the "ack! blonde streak/my hair is so long i don't know what to do with it anymore! but still kind of easily sexy" do you want scones with that? 

the "sweet sigh of relief! purple and black fohawk" ah man. so sweet. 

the "wedding photo booth almost blonde grown out fohawk" that i totally love. 

the "growing out a-line, fading-reddish-brunette" that happened to be much better looking than the previous "grown out fohawk that really was just a mullet" (not pictured, because.) 

the "blondie" 
which is the style i'm currently rocking the grown out version of. 

isn't hair SO FUN? ah. loooove it. 

there's also a special mention.. 

the "NYC vacation braided crown." i mean really. is my hair ever going to be perfect on vacation & get me through that east coast summer humidity as well as THIS^^? (also, hi natural hair color!) 

and on that note, we head to the "faux pas" special selection section:

the "washington d.c. humidity love" (+ that guy ^ who apparently digs it when i just don't have it together) 

the "engagement skunk" (+ the guy who loves me all the time, even enough to ask me to marry him while i look like that) 

the "real life afro" (totally my real hair, do you want me to teach you?) 

the "west side story puerto rican" 

and last but the opposite of least... 

the "crusty 8th grader." (click to view)

which is thankfully the only image i have of myself during that ... special time. 

anyway, who knows what i'll end up with next. maybe something pink or rain-bowy? uneven bob? a nice melt? i guess only time and 20 seconds of bravery (or emotional instability) will tell. 


  1. Hahaha I love this! How much fun that you've had all those different hairstyles. Definitely braver than I'll ever be when it comes to chopping my hair and trying different styles.

  2. hahaha i've gone crazy with my hair myself. however, since i'm lazy i always pick what's the least amount of maintenance so end up at blonde. since i don't love blonde 'ombre' or 'melts' i think you should try one. (whenever I go brown my hair ends up looking like i'm greying, since my hairs so light, in about two weeks haha). so yes i'm feeling a brown ombre melt going on.

  3. Totally random: I found your blog through Samantha Kelly and fell in love with your posts, style pictures, everything, so I started following you. I then found out that you know my brother-in-law Michael Taylor, and then I saw this post and Jason Ashby is in some of the pictures and he was in my ward when I was a teenager. Small world!

    I literally love every hair style you've had. You rock all of them so well!

  4. Oh my goodness you look like 15 different people here. I've had the same, plus or minus three shades, dark long brown hair since I was 16. I'm impressed with your courage! I blame my lack of hair diversity on "not having the face" for shorter hair, which I stand by, but it's also that I'm a pansy and know this works for me.
    New follower - Whit from Raspy Wit

  5. You're hilarious. I can't handle that 8th grade photo. ha ha ha ha. Also if I did this it would be so boring. I would be long and dark for the last 7 years. Boring! I tend to have major panic attacks when I make changes to my hair so I immediately change it back to my comfort zone. I love the spunky blonde color on you. Back when I first discovered your blog... forever ago. I immediately followed because I loved your hair. It was the brown faux hawk and I loved it.