pee sticks, ultrasounds, baby bumps.

thank you SO MUCH for all of the love we've been shown! we've been so excited to share the news & i am absolutely blown away by the kind words, support & congratulations. blown away.

this baby is a sweet surprise, & we are ecstatic to say the least. i'm 15.5 ish weeks along and baby is my early birthday present. (aww) so far i've just lost weight, but there is definitely a bump there (trust me, when your abs have been flat and toned since the beginning of time with no pooch in sight, you notice when your uterus stretches to the size of a melon) so at our next appointment *hopefully* we see the scale go up sans the nurse exclaiming, "oh you're so tiny!" (darn that morning sickness, darn it to heck) and the colds i had back to back didn't help much either.

nick deserves a giant Beyonce+Optimus Prime sized star for being the most perfect baby daddy husband a girl could ask for. he up and gets me anything i need at any time. he has been my saving grace, and i have no idea how i could have gotten through the first trimester without him. i was able to take it easy & keep myself alive while he took care of everything else. that man is going straight to heaven, i tell you.

pregnancy brain is sooo real it's not even funny. we were getting in the car and the car next to us was exactly the same, so nick says "hey! it's our car's twin!" so i respond back with a, "oh another jetta??" "... a yaris?" "oh, a YETTA!" and then we both just looked at each other like, for reals, what? and then i started sobbing because my brain literally did not know what was going on at that moment. i still don't know what that was and why it was so upsetting to me.

i just cry at everything. commercials with puppies, sobbing. something exceptionally funny, sobbing. i realize that i can't ride the rides at Disneyland for quite a while, uncontrollable sobbing. but i can honestly say that i've never been happier in my entire life, ever, in the history of ever.

we're so excited for you to come, baby!


  1. you have the cutest little baby bump in the world! so excited for you.

  2. Girl, I am SO SO SO SO excited for you! Gosh I wish you lived closer so we could be real life friends :) CONGRATS!!! You look adorable.

  3. haha everything about this is too adorable and SO exciting! that babes gonna be a cutie :)

  4. Ah, yeah! We have the same dress from Target! I saw another blogger wearing it and decided to get one. Good thing I did, because there was only one left in my size.
    Congrats on the pregnancy!

  5. ha ha. I cry at everything and I am not pregnant. I wonder if I will become an emotionless Zombie, that would be funny. The good news is you're the most adorable pregnant girl on the block :)

  6. Ok that Yetta story, hilarious. But I'm sure in the moment it wasn't for you. Thankfully you can look back and laugh :) Also your bathroom selfie dress.. LOVE IT!!! Where oh where did you get it?