28 March 2014

snapshots from san diego

over spring break, i traveled with my school down to the AIGA Y Conference in San Diego. basically a bunch of graphic designers got together for 2 days full of awesome lectures, workshops, and beach time. although i missed nicholas, it was good to get away for a bit.

(& my friend invented the "s'more chelsea" which is a lindt truffle and a raspberry over roasted marshmallow & graham cracker. i highly suggest you try it!)


  1. oh my gosh that smore looks delicious! i'm definitely trying that next time we go camping.

  2. San Diego is my FAVORITE place in the world. Looks like fun!

  3. That conference sounds like a dream. Great pictures!

  4. These photos are like straight out of "glam camp magazine." I totally made that magazine up in case that wasn't obvious, but these photos do make me want to put on a plaid shirt, shorts and go roast dinner on the beach. How fun!

  5. Loved these pictures! I grew up in San Diego and just seeing pictures of home made my heart swell. I can't tell you how many bon fires I had on that beach :) You are a great photographer!