taking stock at 18 weeks

on Monday we had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound (!!!) we're waiting until delivery to find out the gender (!!!) & this was my favorite image we got from the appointment, because as cute as those 3D ones are, i have to admit they do kind of freak me out a little bit ;)

it was so fun to see our tiny one moving around and being so gosh darn cute. the techs kept saying how beautiful everything was looking. "oh look at that diaphragm, that is a beautiful diaphragm." and basically our baby is cute & wildly energetic. i don't want to already be one of those parents who are like, "oh my child is soo perfect!" but really, we have one perfect little in there. and you know what, that makes me so happy & so relieved. i feel like i'm doing something right! i'm healthy, the baby's healthy. so we celebrated with some nachos.  

i saw this "taking stock" thing on Leney's blog, and i loved it. so here we are.

making: lots and lots and lots of fruit salad.
cooking: pot stickers & edamame by the bag. 
drinking: V8 Splash Mango-Peach
reading: What to Expect When You're Expecting
wanting: a pair of white Chuck Taylors

hurry up: my brother opening his mission call tonight! 
looking: for a dress to wear this weekend at the SUU Thunderbird Awards 
playing: Psych, all day long. 
wasting: this beautiful sunshine by hanging out inside
sewing: i don't do that. 
wishing: that we didn't have to buy x, y, and z before even thinking about buying new couches
enjoying: feeling the baby wiggle around! (i think? or i could be smiling at gas bubbles. either way.) 
waiting: to find out the gender until baby is born. it's so exciting! 
liking: big, baggy t-shirts
wondering: if there's a place that serves cupcakes here in Cedar
loving: ombre hair & reese's eggs
hoping: that i can find the perfect curtains for our living room
marveling: at how my dog manages to find all the food that is within her reach
needing: a serious pep talk about how there are only 2.5 weeks until summer and i can do this
smelling: clean house smell
wearing: sweats & a sweater
following: this girl & her labor journey. i'm so excited for her! 
noticing: that nick's hair is getting suuuuper long
knowing: every little thing is gonna be alright
thinking: what else is in the house that i can eat
bookmarking: these bacon wrapped pineapple bits
opening: all the windows! 
giggling: at Psych
feeling: hungry, for the 100th time today. 


  1. i love this! i clicked on the link to who you were following and i was like "wait that's me!" and now i feel so special :) i'm so terribly excited for you!! the first couple times you feel your baby move are the absolute sweetest! who cares if you could be smiling at gas bubbles!? it's all too exciting!

  2. and oh my goodness, i buy a new thing of V8 Splash every day because baby girl & i are so addicted. that stuff is of the gods, i swear.

    1. OF THE GODS. i need it all the time. your baby is so cute and you are just the cutest mom everrrr!

  3. i'm so excited for you & that tiny person. ah, babies, they kill me.

    1. aw thanks! i'm excited too. nervous, but definitely excited!

  4. That is a great ultrasound photo! Props to you on waiting until baby is born to find out the gender. I'm so excited to find out what we're having in a few weeks!
    p.s. I know how you feel about being a cliche parent who thinks their baby is the most perfect. Every time I see our ultrasound photo on our fridge I think that, hahaha.

  5. So fun!! I love this post idea...I might have to steal it now, too, lol.

    Aren't ultrasound pictures the best? I'm glad the 3D ones freak you out, though, because they totally freak me out, too. :-)

    1. haha good, i'm not the only one! i loooove ultrasound pics so much. and steal this post, it's so fun to do!

  6. Ah! There is NO WAY I could wait until birth to find out my babies gender. Kudos to you two! Haha

    And I am so with you, the 3D ultrasounds freak me out. Haha

    1. haha good because they are freaky! & it's something i've always wanted to do, so it's really cool that Nick's letting us wait!

  7. I can't believe you are waiting to find out the gender! That is so awesome!

    1. I've always wanted to! and then i convinced Nick to wait, and so now i'm freaking out because i'm so excited!