this morning i took nick to work and proceeded to eat breakfast by myself. i got a bowl of cereal and 2 slices of toast with jam. and then i sat at the kitchen table and cracked open a book on Jean-Francois Millet. for research. a pretty average day, you know?

but for some reason the sun was shining a bit brighter, the flowers smelled just a bit sweeter, and i felt overwhelmed with how beautiful my life is. i could see the car outside the window and thought how grateful i am that we even have a car. even the plants i thought i killed came back to life (because i remembered to water them.) this sweet baby gave me a nudge and i thought, "i can't believe that in a few short months i'll be sharing breakfast time with my tiny one." and then koda whined a lot and i spilled jam on my pants and i had places to go, so my day went on.

the world is full of wonderful things.


  1. you captured this moment so perfectly. i experienced a similar sentiment walking to my car today in the sun. i just had the thought, ' is pretty dang good.'

    also the pictures of your plant are gorgeous.

  2. I love moments like this. :)