26.5 weeks (because every half counts!)

and then i remembered that i only have 1.5 more weeks in my second trimester and i'm all, whaaat?

so here's what's happening around this belly lately:

how far along are you? // 26.5 weeks exactly
due date // september 5th
total weight gain // 13 pounds
countdown // 93 days (ah!)
maternity clothes // i've been fortunate to only have to wear tshirts and dresses for maternity and pants are always so hot and itchy, that belly band is holding up for now. (literally!)
stretch marks? // nada. (knock on wood?)
sleep? // okay, crazy pregnancy dreams and insomnia. in these dreams sometimes i'm a mermaid that will drown if i go under the water, or i'll stab someone occasionally. i wake up feeling more tired than when i went to bed. so i just take lots of naps.
best moments // thinking about baby things as we walked around Babies R Us the other day & my mom getting baby their first outfit. little squishy baby!
movement // lots of kicking and rolling around and yes.
food cravings // so much sugar. i'm trying really hard to cut back. sometimes i only have 3 cookies for breakfast instead of 8. but sugar and snowcones and fresh fruit/drinks.
belly button in or out? // it's like the top is poking out and the bottom isn't going anywhere.
symptoms // itchy belly, running out of breath easily, pregnancy brain (all day e'ry day) and braxton hicks.
wedding ring on or off? // on with no trouble, but all my other rings don't fit anymore. is that weird?
happy or moody? // both. sometimes in the same sentence.
looking forward to... // shopping for baby things & nick's birthday (his last birthday with just the 2 of us. it's so crazy!)

oh i'm so excited. i feel 100% unprepared, but i'm excited.


  1. yes yes. this makes me miss pregnancy so much. it's such a wonderful time- enjoy every moment! except for itchy belly cause that's the worst! i'm sorry :(

    1. haha it's all good! You're totally an inspiration- pregnancy is sweet, but I can't wait to have a little baby. You'll have to tell me all your secrets!

  2. ah! so fun! if it's not too personal... why are you waiting until your baby is born to know the sex? cause i sort of want to do the same thing, but i haven't heard of anyone else doing it so i decided not to until i saw your blog! and now i'm back with my original decision to wait haha. but just wondering, what were some of your guys' reasons of why to wait? if it's not too personal of course! if it is, no worries and you look great!

    the little diary

    1. oh it's not too personal! the first reason we're waiting is because I've always wanted to wait with my first child. I just have! There really isn't a reason other than it's fun and I want to wait. My grandpa says it's because I'm a traditional girl, so let's go with that, too. I don't feel any less "prepared" for the baby to come, or anxious, or that I'm bonding less with the baby. it just makes me that more excited for the birth! i'm planning on a natural childbirth using the Mongan hypnobirthing method, so as far as motivation goes, just knowing that when i'm in labor i'm that much closer to meeting my baby and having nick announce the gender will be sooo worth it. oh it makes me so excited just thinking about it now!

      nick is different, I totally had to bribe him with logic.

      the reasons, or the reasons that convinced Nick to play along with me, is that 1. "there are few great surprises in life, and this is one of those that's worth it." is advice from one of his old friends that he really took to heart. and 2. it's more practical. when we go to buy all the baby things, everything has to be gender neutral and that means we can use it for longer for consecutive babies. at baby showers and stuff, people might actually get us things that we need or can use vs. pink/blue clothes that the baby will grow out of anyways. not that that's the point of any of this, but it's logical and it convinced him. ;)