art city donuts

yesterday Art City Donuts just happened to be next to my parent's house, and I jumped on that like a frog on the asphalt in July. because i'm a big fan of donuts and this baby has a thing for consuming sugar.

and, confession, my Instagram "discover page" is 50% photos of donuts, so really.

anyway, A+ from me! we got the boston cream & blueberry crumble ones, and they were outstanding. a passing police officer even eyed them from afar, not a joke.

police man, baby, and me approved. (p.s. did anyone make it to the extra weekend of the dreamathon? i didn't realize they had it up this weekend too, and i completely missed it. AGAIN.)

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  1. what!! i feel like they should announce that somewhere ya know? you seriously would have loved it! when we went to get donut though, they were out of blueberry so that was sad because it looks the best.

    the little diary