the one where my first brother goes on a mission

this kid left us on Wednesday to go serve the people of Ecuador for 2 years on an LDS mission.

he's just the coolest. as far as being a good big sister has gone, i don't deserve a little brother as amazing as this one. i mean, he writes his own music and makes his own Halo suits out of paper, participates in robotic competitions sponsored by NASA, has a voice of gold, signs fluent ASL and can beat Super Mario World without skipping a beat. i mean really. i'm lucky that we share blood because that's the only way i'd ever be connected with a dude like him.

i'm sad our baby doesn't get to meet his cool uncle Jack for awhile, but we'll be sure that they know who he is ;)

for now we will just send a lot of pictures and packages and keep the crying and missing to a minimum.


  1. ah missions are the hardest/best/worst/coolest all at the same time. give it a month - it will get a TON better!