first bath

^ (he kinda liked it)

^ Koda was all interested in what was happening. She isn't his biggest fan, but she would have jumped in there with him if we'd let her.

 ^ moooom stahhhp

 ^ he'd had enough at that point. this kid does not like being wet! (just like his mommy ;)
^ my faaavorite picture!

our little snuggles had his first bath the other day (that cord took for-ev-er to come off) and it was a blast! he's getting so deliciously chunky too ;) which i'm pretty stoked about.

can i just say that clean babies smell so dang good. and naked baby bums are now my favorite thing in the entire world.


  1. he is so precious!! Your dog was probably raging with jealousy.

  2. Stop it, you guys are perfect. First bath is the sweetest moment! Eeek he's getting so old!

  3. As if I didn't have enough baby fever before!! Little Beckham is just the cutest!!