i put lipstick on & we took pictures & my heart exploded

over the weekend, i realized that we didn't really have any nice photos of us together yet! for shame!

so we set out to find some nice fally trees up the American Fork canyon. we succeeded, and the trees did not disappoint.

all year long i kept telling nick, "gosh i can't wait until fall because then we'll have a cute baby and be a family and everything will be so wonderful!" and now it's here! my family is here and fall is here and it is indeed wonderful.

i've never been so happy in my entire life. never so exhausted either, but he's so incredibly worth it. i didn't know my heart could be so big or break so easily at the smallest cry or whimper. so maybe i can't put milk in my cereal any more because by the time i sit down to eat it he's more than likely needing something, and i haven't slept for more than 6 hours straight in a few months, and it takes twice as long to leave the house or go anywhere. but oh my goodness. my heart wants to burst out of my chest so many times a day that i don't even care about all that stuff. all that matters it that little boy & his sweet smiles. i love love love my beautiful little family!

p.s. get the pumpkin spice oreos and eat them with a hot cup of steamed milk. trust me. 


  1. These are so cute! I love American Fork Canyon in the fall.

  2. Darling photos and darling family. So glad that motherhood is turning out to be so rewarding for you. I've had many stories from mom who have had quite the adjustment but all of them have said that it gets better and you learn to be able to manage everything!

  3. what a beautiful family, you are glowing!

  4. pumpkin spice oreos with steamed milk, on it. also, don't know if this is creepin' but you have a really nice smile! like it's perfect for lipstick, so #megsjeal anyways your baby is as adorable as ever. these pics are some definite keepers. frame them!
    the little diary

  5. oh my goodness, awesome photos! I especially love your lipstick, it really complements your hair color! (is that weird to say?) your little family is so cute.

    - leah

  6. you guys are seriously the cutest.