blessing outfit

what a cutie patootie.

this handsome little man sported the sweetest most cuddly outfit for his blessing day.

we had a small (that turned out to be rather large) gathering at my parents' house. nick gave a sweet blessing to our sweet boy, and we all shared hot cider & baked fall goods. it was beautiful and intimate and seriously perfect.


  1. Goodness gracious, so darling! He looks so much like your husband!! So sweet!

  2. wait did you do this at your house instead of during sacrament meeting? i just heard a week ago that that was an option! interested to hear your thoughts (since you always make decisions that i would make haha like unknown gender, etc.)

    1. ^^ wait... also want to know more about this. This is the first time hearing that that's even possible. It sounds like something I would want to do.

    2. Yes! It's totally a thing. You just need a member of the bishopric there to preside. We had it in my parents' living room, opened with a prayer, said a few words, blessed him, were able to share our testimonies & then closed with a prayer. The reason we chose to do it is for a couple of reasons. 1. We live in Cedar City, and my entire family and all of my friends live in the Salt Lake area. We wanted anyone we invited to be able to come, but felt like we were imposing if we had the blessing in my parents' ward. So we did it at home. and 2. We just really like the idea of a cozy, intimate setting to bless our babies. We felt it was more personal and less pressure for everyone involved. We'll definitely do it again and had nothing but a wonderful experience! (so, yes, I highly recommend doing it ;) )

    3. obsessed with your parenting methods haha. you guys are perfect.