as of late - does anyone still read this anymore?

wearing daddy's shirt & cuddling up on a cold morning.

my very own set of valentines at IKEA (one of them was super sleepy & stinky, but I won't tell you who ;) )

the CUUUUTest baby nap hair/fuzz!

his monkey hat finally fits him (we have small heads in this family) & we took him with us to the food truck roundup. (we need better food trucks here in so. utah. cry.)

my cute boy who no longer is content laying on the ground. he must always be up sitting, standing, or rolling over, hitting his head, jumping off of things, and putting everything he touches straight into his mouth. too big too fast!!

gosh i love him and his bald fuzzy head.

+ + +

I feel like I'm in limbo. like maybe in the next two weeks things will slow down and it will feel like normal life, but until this point this whole semester has felt like one giant push to the finish line. I know it won't, though. I know as soon as we're done with school it's on to the next big thing, whatever and wherever that is for us. which is a scary concept because as of right now we have no solid plans for our future except GO. onward.

I chose spring break as the perfect opportunity to get my wisdom teeth out, so nick has been taking care of me while i've been completely out of it and making best friends with pudding & pain medicine on the couch. and now I know what I would look like in a Grade-A Fat Suit. rah rah rah.

I'm dreaming of summer. I'm dreaming of no more giant research papers or senior shows or extra projects and publications. I just want to be done. I want to wake up in the morning and feel excited for the day. I want my bed time to come before 2 am each night. I want to get my Ph.D. in being a mom/housemaker/wife and enjoy my evenings again.

This, too, shall pass! My senior show opens in 1 week and I'm so ready for it to be here! After this its finalizing projects and enjoying vacations and BAM we're graduated. Can you believe it? Because it's not real to me.


  1. i still read this! ha! k your baby is so cute and also yay for being almost graduated. it's my last semester too and i feel ya. it's like it's so close but yet so far. how exciting for you guys, though! real life awaits, haha!

  2. I read this too! I am so excited for you to be sooooo close! I'm about a year and a semester away, and I think I can see a distant, distant light at the end of this chaotic tunnel. I don't have a child, so I can only imagine what it's like for you.

    PS Beckham is the CUTEST. Love.

  3. I'm still here :)
    I'll be getting my wisdom teeth out sometime this year too.... Ah! How was it for you? I'm excited to see pics from your senior show!