Beckham's first hike -- Snow Canyon

We took a day trip to St. George and went hiking for Beckham's first time and... he LOVED IT. He loved it so so much, which makes my adventurous heart so happy.

we went to Snow Canyon State Park. It was a chilly morning with not a lot of sun, so we decided to forego a hat since we wouldn't be out long anyways. He ended up having to wear Nick's hat. Bad parents. We played in the slot canyon and he was in love with his new sippy.

Afterwards we went to Larsen's for lunch where he managed to throw almost everything on the floor and dump a chocolate milkshake on me. But he ate his first french fry (!!) which he loved also. This kid loves a lot of things, really.

Then we went shopping at Target (a luxury around these parts) where we bought bubbles, made a stop at Swig and had an impromptu nap/picnic by the temple.

It was a great last only day of spring break & we can't wait to take him to the beach in a few weeks for a long (& much needed!) vacation. Many hikes are in store for this kid, promise!


  1. ah that looks like a blast! He's such a cutie!

  2. Ha! We did the same thing this weekend at the zoo and ended up buying a hat at the gift shop. He is so cute!

  3. That smile though! Heart eyes times a million.

  4. these photos are so sweet!! beckham is too adorable and i think he looks just like you!!