monday musings 02: design stuff, anniversaries and future things

+ I don't know what it is about stressful situations, but they make me want to crawl into a ball and hide/cry. so I got a caramel apple spice from Starbucks to cure my need for warm love and just happened to be wearing red lipstick (which has never happened before.) so am I a white girl now? am I basic enough? (note the del taco bag on my lap.)

+ a photo from one day as I was putting Beckham down for his morning nap in the dark nursery. It was sweet. Toys everywhere signifying a morning well spent. and for one glorious moment I figured I was doing okay raising him.

+ my face on the way home before my senior show opened. So crazy!!

+ a preview of my senior show that was used as advertisement across social media and all the newspapers. pretty neat, no?

+ my parents visited this weekend and took me and Beckham to St. George for the afternoon. I decided to try out my overalls I bought a few weeks ago and I'm happy to say that I am 100% pleased with them.

+ later that night my parents watched Beckham for us and we went on an anniversary date. 4 years I've been married to this kid. We went to the Pastry Pub (where we had our first date) and shared the same meal at the same table as we had on our very first date ever. Then we went to see Insurgent and ate treats & all was well with the world.

+ we're choosing between NY or SLC for grad school. which means wherever we go we'll be there for at least 3 years, which is crazy. Do I want to be near family, friends, jobs in a familiar area? Or do we want to venture to Brooklyn and be new yorkers for a few years in an entirely new experience? We don't know!

+ some little foodie booklets I designed, printed, and made for my senior show. They're pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. (more to come on these booklets and my senior project)

+ somebody learned to scoot across the floor and now won't sit still for 2 seconds. I guess no more after-nap cuddles for this mama. somebody is just too cool for those anymore.

+ a Sunday walk around Cedar in a desperate attempt to get Beckham to nap. it didn't happen, but we did run into rows and rows of gorgeous blossoms which made up for having to carry Beckham all the way home because he isn't a fan of his stroller.


Buzzfeed picked up an old infographic on how to plant succulents that I made a few years ago, which is pretty cool! You can view the article here.  (my graphic is #3 on the list)

G R A A A A A A A D  S C H O O O O O O O O O L!

It's so crazy. This is our future. Where am I going to work? What am I going to do while Nick's gone to school 20/24 hours of the day? Where will we live? Who will we have to hang out with?

These are the questions that are currently being asked, answered, and prayed about in this household.

Hope your week started on a happy note!


  1. aren't the blossoms killer? i always forget how much i love spring until it shows up. also - how exciting that a big chance is coming your way! i feel like i would just automatically pick nyc because i am 1000% in love with that place, but slc is such a fab place too. (and probably a million dollars cheaper.) either way, hooray for changes!


  2. Fun decisions! Stressful, but it will all end up ok hopefully! I'm obsessed with your senior show haha. Such a cool idea.