Beckham's first trip to Disneyland

 I tried so hard to get him a "1st Visit" pin, but they didn't have ANY, ANYWHERE. Can you believe it? So instead he has a Happily Ever After pin.

I was so excited for him to see Mickey during the character parade..... he was very, very afraid. He didn't even cry, he was just terrified. It was AWESOME. Not that I enjoy causing my child terror, but you know.

We learned a lot of cool things about Disneyland on the trip.

Firstly, there's a nice mother's room right at the end of main street at Disneyland and near Cars Land at California Adventure. It has changing tables, nursing areas, and is super quiet amidst the chaos that is those places. I loved it.

Not that I mind nursing in public, which I really don't, but being able to get away is srsly priceless.

Secondly, having to take Beckham everywhere, let him nap, etc, we learned that you can get a switch pass. Your people ride the ride and ask for a switch pass before getting on the ride, then as soon as they get off they bring you the pass and you can get right on that same ride. Sometimes you have to wait in the FastPass lane, but who cares? It's so convenient.

Cars Land is seriously the best place at California Adventure. At sunset, they play the "Sha-Boom" song and all the lights come on like in the movie. I about died! We watch a lot of the Cars movie in this house, and every time that scene comes on I wish we were at Disneyland.

Fun story: we were getting ready to line up for the Magical World of Color, and Beckham was asleep in his stroller. As we were lining up he woke up and would not calm down. He was the screaming banshee.  I couldn't leave to calm him down because I would lose my spot in line and not be able to come back. I ultimately had to sit down on the ground, hide myself as best as I could from all the small children's innocent eyes and nurse him. He fell asleep just a few minutes later, but still! Good times, good times.

People say that they won't remember stuff like this, but I say that he will remember being happy. Except for the Mickey part, but I won't ever let him forget that face he pulled, so, we're good.


  1. Haha that last picture! His face is priceless! I love Disneyland and am so excited to take my own kids there someday. Also you are just the cutest in those overalls and your Minnie ears, love it!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Also, ALL of your outfits in this post are adorable!

  3. Oh man that last picture is priceless!

  4. How fun! Now I'm seriously craving some Disney time.