fry sauce lettering with the salt lake lettering club

I had the awesome experience of lettering in a big giant circle with some of the most creative people in Salt Lake with the Salt Lake Lettering Club. We each took a circle at Sugarmont Plaza and lettered a word/phrase that had to do with Utah. Well, I picked "fry sauce" because I love food.

Of course my posse came along. It was a BLAST, as much as it was equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. I've never lettered anything so big before! But I think it was a success. First I started with a chalk outline and then went at it with white paint. (people have asked how I got my lines so crisp, and it's because I traced the letters multiple times and wiggled my paint brush into all the cracks and crevices. Sometimes being a perfectionist has its perks!)

It's still there if you want to go take a look! One of my favorite snow cone shacks Hokulia is on the plaza all the time, with a food truck roundup there on Monday nights and the Sugarhouse Farmer's Market on Friday evenings. Go check it out and tag me (@imstephhammer) if you take a picture of it! I love seeing my work in the wild!


  1. Love this! Fry sauce is seriously the greatest thing.. ever!!

  2. Wow you are so good at that! Amazing! And I love that you chose 'fry sauce'. One of my favorite things about Utah for sure.

  3. hokulia really is the best.