pumpkin lettering

for the Salt Lake's Lettering Club event this month we all painted on pumpkins.

I couldn't go to the actual event because my child was having one of his days, so we had our friends come and do pumpkins with us.

Chelsea even did some lettering with pumpkin guts (see it here!)

Can I just say how much I love fall?

Okay. White girl out.


  1. ahhhh i follow the salt lake lettering club on instagram & always think it looks like so much fun & so cool, that sort of thing is my jam! too bad you couldn't go, but i'm happy you lettered a pumpkin anyway! it looks way good!

    1. You should totally come this month! It's on the 10th, and if you email the club account (on the Instagram) you'll get the emails. That would be so fun!