pumpkin picking

we were so stoked to take beckham to his first REAL pumpkin patch this year! (last year's pumpkin patch was his technical first, but he doesn't remember it)

there was this cute little family pumpkin patch in American Fork up next to the Timpanogos Temple with piggies, horses, and lots of pumpkins. and it was free to go! We opted out of taking Beckham to a place with lots of kids because he's not quite independent enough to play on his own. BUT he is independent enough to pick out his own pumpkin!

so we picked our pumpkins with my sister meg and her husband jordan, then went to Arctic Circle for dinner and pumpkin shakes. IMHO, there's really nothing better than pumpkins and pumpkin shakes, amirite?


  1. These pictures are beautiful, Steph!! It looks like you guys had fun. :)